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Recovering from Earthquake Trauma - one client’s  experience

 Canterbury's September earthquake came without warning, and took my family by surprise. My wife Rachel was disturbed by the earth’s movements.  We tidied the house, and tried to carry on with life as normal.

 When February's earthquake hit, my wife Rachel was in Colombo Street.  Buildings were falling all around, injured people everywhere, and Rachel did her best to guide an ex-colleague through the rubble.

 Rachel's new employer was no longer able to operate, and Rachel stayed at home.  Over time, Rachel became more and more disconnected.   Each further aftershock sent the cats scurrying for cover, and sent Rachel further into herself.   Her doctor's answer was to keep increasing her medication. The TV became Rachel's best friend, and I realised that I had lost my wife.  Sure, Rachel was still here, but she wasn't the same person that I had fallen in love with years before.

 One of the TV programs that we were watching, I can't remember which one, indicated that the victims of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and of the Haiti earthquake, were suffering from PTSD.  It turns out that you don't have to be a combat soldier to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or Shell Shock as it was known a hundred years ago.

 One night in June I awoke to Rachel quietly sobbing, yet again.  I had not been able to console her before, and felt that I couldn't this time.  I did a Goggle search for PTSD Canterbury Earthquake, and eventually came across a website for local NLP practitioners. I booked an appointment with Ali for the next Thursday.

 Ali spent about an hour with Rachel, and when she had finished I could see the immediate change in her.  She seemed younger, more confident, and sexier.  I know it sounds strange and unlikely, but she really did.

 The next day, Rachel spontaneously laughed.  I had forgotten that she did that.  She was interacting more, the cats became pets again, not psychological crutches, and the kids got their mum back.  Within a week Rachel had a job offer.

 Rachel went back for another session with Ali a week later, just to reinforce the first session, but when she came out she felt that the second session was more of a review, and that it wasn't needed.

 Rachel is now working, back at the company from which she resigned at the start of the year, and she is as happy as she has ever been.  And that includes our wedding day.

"N.C. Christchurch"


"For years I've been trying to figure out what lies at the root of my problem.
In just a few sessions with Ali, I've learnt how to really relax.
Now there doesn't seem to be any reason to look for a problem."


"It is with great pleasure that I am writing this Testimonial for Ali Scott, NLP practitioner. Over the years I have been to several psychological counselors, in an attempt to have a better relationship with my inner world. Motivated by the hope of gaining peace of mind and freedom from emotional clutter, I tried NLP with Ali. I am astonished at how simple and safe the process is.

With the sound guidance and facilitation by Ali, I have been able to move through some major reoccurring issues in my life, which I have not been able to shift using any other method. Unlike some of the talking therapies I have tried, NLP has enabled me to work through the problem free from emotional trauma.

The process offers a space where the issue can be worked on without having to share or discuss the problem with the practitioner and I think that is why it has been so successful for me. I have a belief that the external mirrors the internal.

Since using the NLP techniques, my life has definitely become more peaceful and I am a happier person.
I have gained a sense of empowerment through NLP, knowing that I have the internal resource to work through any emotional problem."

Frances Bennett
Acupuncture and Massage therapist